Support FAQs

See our support FAQs further down this page to find an answer to your question. Please also refer to our Product Manual for full information about how to set up and use your Musaic system, and to find out more about what Musaic can do.

You can also get in touch with us at the following support emails:

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Product Manual

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Quick Start Guides

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Warranty and Returns

Find out more about our warranty and returns policy, and register your Musaic product for an extended warranty period.

General Support

When should I reset my MPL/MP5/MP10?
Can I use the Musaic MP5 and MP10 speakers just with Bluetooth?
What do I need to make Musaic work in my home?
Which streaming services is Musaic compatible with?
What’s the difference between the Musaic Music Players?
What kinds of phones and tablets is the Musaic Control App compatible with?
What Wi-Fi type does Musaic use?
Can I use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi to run my Musaic system?
Do the Musaic Music Players work with UPnP/DLNA™?
Can I connect a Musaic Music Player to my TV/Laptop/PC/MP3 Player?
How many zones does Musaic support?
Do I need a special bridge or router to make my Musaic system work?
How is my Musaic systems software updated?
Can I use two or more Musaic Music Players in a stereo pair or surround sound set up?
Can I wall-mount my Musaic Music Players?
Where should I position my Musaic Players to get the best sound?
What’s the Standby Power of the Musaic Players?
What’s the ‘heart’ button for?
Can I use the Musaic Players in a bathroom or wet environment?
Can I charge/power my phone or tablet while playing content on my MP5 or MP10?
Can I use my Musaic Player outside?
Can I use Musaic without a home Wi-Fi network or an internet connection?

Setting up and basic operation

How to stream music from streaming services built into the Musaic App
How to control the volume/source of your stereo with the Musaic MPL IR Learning feature
How to set up your Musaic system via Wi-Fi
How to set up your Musaic system via Ethernet
How to stream music via Spotify Connect
How to stream via HTC Connect
How to stream music from a supported AllPlay™ streaming service such as AllPlay Radio or Napster etc.
How to download the Musaic Control App for iOS or Android
How to recall an internet radio preset
How do I use Bluetooth with an MP5 or MP10?
How to select the Auxiliary input
Turning On/Off
Can I adjust bass and treble?

Music content and connections

How do I stream music from a Windows computer?
How do I stream music from a Mac computer?
How do I connect my Musaic system to a NAS drive?
How do I connect my Musaic system to a TV/Laptop/PC/MP3 Player/CD player?
How can I access music in my iTunes account?
How can I access music in my Google Play account?
Which file types are supported by Musaic?
Is Musaic compatible with albums from PonoMusic?
Where can I buy 24 Bit Studio Masters / HD Definition Audio?
Can I use Apple AirPlay with Musaic?
Is Musaic compatible with Amazon Music?
Can I manually add an internet radio station to my Musaic system which is not included in your database?
Can I have more than four internet radio presets?
Can I use Bluetooth to stream music to Musaic?

Home Automation Connections

How to connect Musaic to IFTTT
How to use Philips Hue lighting with Musaic
How to use LightwaveRF lighting with Musaic


Problems with Synology NAS drives
Ensuring that album artwork is displayed in the Musaic Control Apps
Adding a particular internet radio station that appears to be missing from our database
Minimising the chances of your Musaic Player dropping out from your network
Advice about slow loading music libraries
How to stop local music playback from an iPad/iPhone stopping if the App closes or the iPad/iPhone goes to sleep
How to ensure local content is always playable on the Musaic system from Android phones/tablets
Advice if the Players go to sleep automatically even when you are playing music