Musaic is the first AllJoyn® Certified music system


We’re excited to announce that our Musaic wireless music players are the first audio products to be AllJoyn® Certified. AllJoyn Certification means that our MP5 and MP10 smart wireless multi-room speakers can discover, communicate, connect and interact with other AllJoyn Certified products from companies including Microsoft, LG and LIFX.

We’ve also certified two further products which will be released in 2016, our MPL Music Player and 2016 CES Innovation Award winning Musaic PRO-MZP Professional Installation Zone Player. More information about these products will be available soon.

AllJoyn® is an open source framework that makes it easy for devices and apps to discover and securely communicate with each other to allow customers to create customised experiences in their homes. AllJoyn is run by the AllSeen Alliance, a cross-industry consortium with nearly 200 member companies dedicated to enabling the interoperability of devices, services and apps that comprise the Internet of Things.

The AllJoyn Certified programme includes conformance testing and provides real world interoperability testing to help manufacturers ensure that their products work well with other certified products. Products that pass the certification earn the right to wear the AllJoyn Certified mark indicating AllJoyn interoperability to customers.