MobileTechTalk: “We loved it!”


MobileTechTalk recently reviewed our larger wireless music player, the Musaic MP10 Smart Speaker. They loved it and called it ‘a great choice!’ for those looking for both audio and smart home features.

Here are some highlights:

“The highs and mids on this unit are crystal clear, regardless of the size of room we put it in. From a small bedroom (which was rocking!) to a larger 27′ by 15′ room, the tones are clear and in the foreground. They are backed up by a rumbling bass that does just as well with Hip-Hop and Dubstep as it does with Rock and Pop songs.”

“Connecting to the Musaic MP10 was a breeze with step-by-step instructions in the app itself leading us through connecting the unit to the home Wireless network, and then on to general use of the application.”

“One of the more amazing features of this unit that elevates it, in our mind, above similar devices in the market is the true “IoT” nature of the device… You’re purchasing more than just an audio playback device here. It’s more of a lifestyle unit to be added to your existing Smart Home collection (or to start it off).”

MobileTechTalk’s conclusion:

“So, couple that audio with the ‘every-man’ aesthetic and the sheer versatility of this unit and you’re bound to have a winner right? In short, yes! We loved it.”

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