On Magazine awards the MPL Music Player five stars


On-mag.fr, the French audio-visual website, has published an in-depth review of our MPL Music Player, awarding it five stars. Read the full review.

Review highlights:

“Small, compact and very complete, the MPL Music Player is one of the few network players at this price that can process streaming Hi-Res audio files in either wired or WiFi mode.”

“…the Musaic MPL reveals quite quickly musical qualities which will make it the ideal companion of the audiophile in search of transparent sound quality and ease of use, due to its dedicated application.”

“For its modest price, we were impressed first of all by the possibilities offered by this network player. The simplicity of use is combined with lightness and finesse in playback. The precise stereo image is the result of a power of definition that is amazing for the price. Yes, it is a success.”

Read the full review or find out more about the MPL Music Player.