Funded with the help of Kickstarter

Musaic was partly funded on Kickstarter, the world’s biggest crowdfunding platform for creative projects. Thanks to the support and generosity of hundreds of backers from all over the world, we raised over £60,000 / US $100,000 in April 2014 to help us to take our Musaic smart wireless HiFi system to production.

Kickstarter backer comments

Great sound, stylish and effortless set up the Musaic players have brought a new lease of life to music in the house. Having the same music playing in different rooms has been great, along with being able to have different sounds in different rooms. Loving the Spotify integration as well.

Richard, Bedford, UK

The MP5 is awesome, for such a small form factor it packs real punch! I love it, as does my wife and kids. The only dilemma I have now; How many more should I get! I'd love one in every room of the house.

Elliott, London, UK

For a compact system that will fit into a restricted space, and blend in with existing equipment, it produces a quality of sound that belies it's size.

Peter, Bracknell, UK

Musaic is fantastic, the sound is full, great quality, and we are having an excellent time using it in our home entertainment setup. Great work Musaic!

Maria, Toronto, Canada

The Musaic system has fantastic sound for such a compact speaker, has pretty much all of the connectivity you can think of, and is simple to use. So simple a child can use it!

David, Bishop's Stortford UK

Wonderful sound and so easy to use, even for a lady in her 70s! Two players sync together and I enjoy my Musaic players for several hours each day. To be able to control from my phone is a big plus too.

Joan, Wolverhampton, UK

Just got our Musaic player going - such a great sound! Out with the Bose system, in with the Musaic! It looks great and sounds even better.

Joany, Wellington, NZ

A nicely designed smart system with robust wireless connectivity. The MP5 has been a perfect addition to my small office with it’s smooth and detailed high-fidelity sound.

Tim, Reading, UK

I love my new Musaic unit! I have the MP10 and it rocks! Big full sound from a unit that doesn't take up too much space on my desk. I love waking up on a Sunday morning and without even needing to get out of bed I am able to turn some music on from my phone using the Spotify app.

Jonah, Hamilton, NZ

I love to use my Musaic in the garden, streaming from a radio station or from my home library via DLNA. The sound is great and the app works well!

Kickstarter Backer Wall of Fame

Thank you to:

Alex Oana, USA
Andreas Tattersall, Austria
Andrew Leonard, UK
Andy Senyszyn, UK
Andy Underhill, UK
Ashley Ford, Scotland
Beh Kok Seng, Singapore
Ben Attrell, UK
Bernard Cooper, New Zealand
Blane Bramble, UK
Brendan Kwolek, Canada
Brian Vogelsang, USA
Brian Warner, USA
C. T. Lin, Taiwan
CBCC Domotique SAS, France
Chris Church, UK
Chris O’Brien, USA
Christian Funke, Germany
Christian Pirkner, Germany
Christine Clark, New Zealand
Cliff Grainger, UK
Glenn connell, UK
Dan Levy, USA
Daniel Crowley, UK
Danielle Kusabs, New Zealand
Dave Blissett, UK
David Boaden, UK
David Hutchinson, UK
Dean Stacey, UK
Diogo Silva, Brazil
Doug Chamberlain, USA
Douglas Young, Scotland
Eamonn Bright
Ed Hemphill, USA
Edward Lacey, UK
Elliott Miller, UK
Eric Arnold, USA
Erik Klepsvik, Norway
Forbes & Anna Bramble, UK
Francis D’Angelo, UK
Franco Badini, UK
Gary Snyder, UK
George Dickey, UK
George White, UK
Goran Kocjanic, Slovenia
Graeme Devine, USA
Greymont, N. Ireland
Guiseppe De Marco, UK
Hamish & Jenny Dobbie, UK
Hans & Maria Van Dongen, New Zealand
Iain Grant, UK
Isa Maron, Netherlands
Jane Stevenson, UK
J. Johnson, Monaco
James Allen, UK
James Armes-Harris, UK
James Bramble, UK
James Cousins, UK

James Roberts, UK
Jean Grabowski, UK
Jennifer Taylor, UK
Jennifer Adler-Potts, UK
Jeremy Edwards, UK
Jhodi Kurup, UK
Jim Zalsalah, USA
Joan Stevenson, UK
Joany Dekkers, New Zealand
John Dawson, UK
John Shermer, UK
Jonah Van Dongen, New Zealand
Jonas Galhordas Duarte Alves
Jonathan Pasky, USA
Julian Darley, UK
Justin Harvey, UK
Keith Charles, Scotland
Kelly Johnston, New Zealand
Ken Fricklas, USA
Kendall Castor-Perry, USA
Kevin Ricks, England
Ben Chan, USA
Lexi Thorn, Australia
Marcus Tong, Singapore
Maria Karam, Canada
Maria Pankova, Germany
Mario Miniaci, UK
Mark Stone, UK
Martin Cole, UK
Martin Dinnage, UK
Mary Jordan-Smith, UK
Matthew Burden, UK
Matthew Younkle, USA
Michael Banks, UK
Michael Dolan, USA
Michele Foux, UK
Michelle Stone, UK
Miguel Borges, Puerto Rico
Mike Dolan, USA
Miles Barr, UK
Murray Kerr, Australia
Nanna L, China
Neil Bizley, UK
Neil Yewman
Nick Fewster, UK
Oli Pearce, UK
Osman El-Baba, Lebanon
Panic Barn, UK
Patrick Krupa
Patrick Leonard, USA
Paul Ashill, UK
Paul Brown, UK
Paul Grabowski, UK
Paul Tam
Peter Duggin, UK
Peter Roddis, UK
Peter Russell, Australia

Phil Blackburn, UK
Phil George, UK
Phil Harden, Barbados
Phil Ward, UK
Philip Horner, Canada
Philip Xenakis, UK
Filip Lejon, Belgium
Quatreus Ltd, UK
Rajendra Giri, UK
Reginald von James
Richard Harding, UK
Richard Lake, UK
Richard McAleavy, UK
Rick Evans, UK
Robert Q, USA
Ronan Mason, Australia
Rosemarie Bramble, UK
Roy Daintith, UK
Ryan Walsh, UK
Samuel G L, Canada
Scott Gillies, UK
Scott Troudt, Canada
Shane Gough, Ireland
Shion Wakanae, Canada
Simon Hewitt, UK
Siobhan Dawson, UK
StartUp Genesis, USA
Stephan Buechler, Switzerland
Steve Austin, UK
Steve Newbury, UK
Steve Rough, UK
Steven Mahony, UK
Stevie Dee, UK
Stuart Ekins, UK
Stuart Taylor, UK
Tad O’Brien, USA
Tarren Greenacre, UK
The Nomadic Kitchen, South Africa
Theo Wubbolts, Netherlands
Thierry Heeb, Switzerland
Thomas Stone, UK
Thomas Wright, UK
Tim Landeg, UK
Timothy Hamilton, UK
Tom Finlayson, UK
Travis McCollum, USA
Trevor Cullen, UK
Valerie Gibbons, UK
Vaz, UK
Victor Berrios, USA
Vu Xuan Loc, Vietnam
Wenhsien Li, Taiwan
Wilj Dekkers, New Zealand
Will Pryke, UK
Yen Luong, Australia
Yi Gu, China
Yu-chiao Hsueh, Australia