Gadgety News spends time with our smart speakers


Gadgety News has just published a great review of our MP5 and MP10 smart speakers, as well as a ‘how-to’ guide on using Musaic with IFTTT.

Jay Garrett of Gadgety News was really impressed with the audio quality of our Players and had a great time programming smart home rules with IFTTT.

Jay’s conclusion: “The MP5 and MP10 have been designed as ‘lifestyle’ sound slingers but I dare say even the most sniffiest of audiophiles will be won over by them. The audio quality achieved from these compact boxes proves that you don’t always have to compromise.”

The verdict on audio performance:

“It is fair to say that both Musaic players are capable of producing a much bigger sound than you’d expect from boxes of this size. But it isn’t just their shear power that grabs my attention. The reproduction is well defined as well as offering enough excitement to engage even the casual listener…”

Of the MP5 playing Florence and the Machine’s ‘Dog Days Are Over’, Jay said he ‘wasn’t prepared for such a wide soundstage’:

“…the MP5’s presentation sounds much broader than any of the one-box solutions I have tested. The mids are really well projected and so gives the rest of the frequencies room to breathe. All the instruments just seem to sit right..”

And of the bigger MP10:

“I was now expecting something bigger and better from this box, and I wasn’t disappointed. The MP10 is what I can all refer to as being a much more grown-up performer. Ms Welch’s delivery is captivating and more realistic and seems to have more command across the soundstage without fear of sibilance or hard edges.”

On setting Musaic up and using our App:

“Setting up a Wi-Fi connection is incredibly straightforward and once you’re up and running the app is really intuitive… The Musaic’s onboard controls are simple with more options being kept to the free accompanying app. The app itself is extremely user friendly, allowing you to jump across each device easily, or linking them together without interrupting the flow of the music… I really like the way this app is laid out.”

On using Musaic’s IFTTT Channel:

Jay also set up two IFTTT recipes

“IFTTT is really intuitive and, once you have your Musaic players linked to your account, much fun can be had… the IFTTT functionality is easy to use and borderline addictive.”

The full results:

The results broken down