Musaic Developer Information

Information on the Musaic integration APIs and SDKs

Musaic Local Network API

The Musaic Players feature an API that allows control of basic features via HTTP on the local network to which the Players are connected.

Via this API it is possible control playback features (such as skip forward one track, play, pause etc.), adjust volume settings and mute status and to access the ‘now playing’ state and metadata (current track and artist, link to cover art etc.). You can also recall internet radio presets and action the recall of a home control scene that has been set up on the Musaic system. Basic access to the queue is also possible.

This API is suitable for simple integrations with Home Automation systems and suchlike.

In these use-cases the Musaic App (and other content Apps) are used for any complex interactions related to content such choosing songs/playlists in Spotify. Typically the Home Automation system will implement all the playback controls and volume/mute now playing as described above and provide a URL flip to the Musaic App for advanced playback control.

The URL for our App is:

iOS devices: musaicApp://
Android devices: com.musaic.musaiccontrol
Amazon Fire devices: com.musaic.musaiccontrol.amz


See the documentation here: Musaic Local API document


The Musaic system also features a cloud based API that offers control of one or more Players in a system via an authenticated and encrypted web API.  In addition we engage in two-way cloud-to-cloud integrations with partners via the Musaic cloud. Contact Musaic if you are a company that is interested in this type of integration.


Qualcomm® AllPlay™ API/SDKs

The Musaic Players support Qualcomm AllPlay (based on AllJoyn) via the local network which is an API for music Apps that allows streaming of content and grouping of Players into zones and suchlike.

The AllPlay API is accessed via SDKs from Qualcomm of which there are two types.

The first is the Qualcomm AllPlay Click SDK which is suitable for music service providers wishing to stream content to Musaic Players (or other players that support the AllPlay methodology of which there many) under App control. The Click SDK provides a ‘media shifting’ methodology similar to Airplay with a simple AllPlay button appearing in your App that can select Players for playback of your content.

The Qualcomm AllPlay Click SDK for iOS or Android is available here: Qualcomm® AllPlay™ Click SDKs

There is a dedicated forum here: Qualcomm® AllPlay™ Click SDKs forum

For all support on the Qualcomm Allplay SDKs and ecosystem please refer to Qualcomm: Qualcomm AllPlay ecosystem information

The second AllPlay API is the Qualcomm Controller SDK. This allows a much greater level of control and access to the AllPlay methodology at a lower level for more complex interactions. The Controller SDK requires a Technology License Agreement with Qualcomm.

Enquiries for this here:

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