AVForums recommends Musaic MP5 and MPL


AVForums spent some time with our MP5 Smart Speaker and MPL Music Player and has published a full in-depth review online. Read the full review.

The AVForums team concluded:there are some attributes that this little family of components have that means they warrant further attention.”

“The first is that they sound genuinely good. The MP5 manages to deliver a truly intense and complex musical performance at a price point where some rivals are really just sonic wallpaper. The MPL is rich, detailed and effortlessly refined and has abilities beyond its terrestrial price point.”

“The second is that if you are willing to put the time and investment into IFTTT capable products, the Musaic system offers huge scope to be more than just a means of sending music into a few rooms.”

Of the MPL, AVForums said:

“If you have a high end amp with digital decoding, the MPL is one of the best sorted streaming transports on the market and it comes at a thoroughly competitive price.”

Read the full review on AVForums