The Amazon Alexa Fund invests in Musaic


We’re excited to announce investment from the Amazon Alexa Fund. Named after the cloud-based service that powers Amazon Echo, the Alexa Fund will provide up to $100 million in investments to support developers, manufacturers and start-ups of all sizes in creating new experiences around the human voice. 

We’ll work to integrate with the Alexa Voice Service to give customers hands free control of music playback and home automation through our Musaic wireless HiFi system. By adding compatibility with Alexa, users will be able to play music, control lighting and more, just with their voice.

Our CEO Matt said: ‘Musaic is extremely excited to be involved in Amazon’s Alexa Fund. We make what we call ’Smart HiFi’ because we believe there is a change coming where audio, video, lighting, comfort control and security will no longer be delivered in product silos. We feel that audio has an extremely strong place in this emerging ‘Internet of Things’, as it is perhaps the most effective and compelling method of communication with the home owner. Natural Language Understanding is going to be part of the next great leap in Home Automation and we’re looking forward to working with Amazon to create some really exciting smart home functionality.”