About Musaic

We’re a small but passionate team of music and tech enthusiasts, based in central London. Our CEO Matthew Bramble previously worked for a number of leading HiFi companies and has designed many award-winning products. In late 2013 he set out to make an innovative new audio system to bring together multi-room music streaming and the smart home. Matt teamed up with Co-Founders Carolyn and Simon to build Musaic, the first smart wireless HiFi system.

Why Musaic?

Musaic (pronounced mew-zay-ik) is a portmanteau of Music and Mosaic. A portmanteau word blends the sounds of more than word to create a new word which combines their meanings. We chose Musaic as our products can stand alone as a great wireless HiFi system, but can also be combined with other products in an interconnected way.

Matthew Bramble


Carolyn Van Dongen

Marketing Director

Simon Grabowski

Software Director

Faye Purcell

Head of Partnerships

Alberto Nunez

Software Engineer

Dave Williams

International Sales

Martin Harding

International Sales

Peter Schoon

International Sales

Michel Kwetters

International Sales

Our Partners

We couldn’t do what we do without the help and collaboration of our partners. The Musaic team are proud to work with the awesome tech companies and platforms below.

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Partner Testimonials

We are delighted to be working with Musaic on this exciting and ground breaking project. The synergy between their wireless audio system and our wireless lighting is compelling and allows anyone to create a smart home without the extra wiring, complexity and cost of traditional systems.

John Shermer, Chief Executive, LightwaveRF

The Musaic system isn’t just a great sounding audio system, it’s been cleverly designed to be a sophisticated playback and control device on the Internet of Things. We're working with the Musaic guys so that in the future you will be able to set up rules to do things like mute the audio when movement is detected, play a sound when you gain a new Twitter follower or have your plants tell them you they are thirsty via text to speech!

Ed Hemphill, CEO @ WigWag LLC

By integrating wireless multi-room audio with the connected home capabilities of the AllJoyn framework, Musaic is exactly the sort of concept we were hoping the AllSeen Alliance would kick-start. It’s a real pleasure to watch an exciting start-up work collaboratively with other companies to achieve an innovative smart-home product eco-system based on a shared open source codebase.